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Bargheer Geophysics produces subsoil surveys using geophysics: Geoelectrics, IP, seismics, Gravimetric Measurements and other types of geophysics. The company is specialized in DC-IP measurements and is at the very forefront of scientific developments in this field.

Extensive experience with groundwater mapping and other groundwater related work, mineral exploration, geotechnics, contamination mapping and more. If you want to know something about the underground, we can probably help you.

We work anywhere in the world, specialized in handling arctic conditions and other inaccessible places far from civilization. Key values include efficiency, competitive prices and always ensuring the highest possible data quality.

Contact us and let us together find out what we can do for you!
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pynt INSTAGRAM: Time to seek cover. Thundershowers and CVES is a really bad and dangerous combination. In countries like Denmark where good weather radar is available this is a great that allows you to have a bit longer warning, but reading the sky and clouds on days with unstable air is always important. #danger #geophysics #CVES #thunder #meterology pynt INSTAGRAM: Finding gravel. Geophysics can greatly improve the planning for gravel pits. New developments with IP measurements have given the possibility to use the information from drillings and grain size analysis and find a more spatial distribution of the interesting sediments for the future gravel pit expansions. #gravel #geophysics #drilling #CVES #DCIP #danishsumner pynt INSTAGRAM: Pseudosection displayed on the LS while measuring. The pseudosection can be a useful way to display the collected data but should not be mistaken for a correct picture of the underground, at the very least it needs interpretation by a skilled geophysicist and if you want more information than just very broad lines and simple interpretation you need to model the data with other software. #geophysics #ERT #CVES #groundwater #swamp #ABEM #LS pynt INSTAGRAM: Growing crops on an ATV. This is from the back axle of an ATV that has a totally wrecked engine on because a friend was driving with no oil. After the ATV had been standing still for a month I went to get some spare parts from it, and I noticed some crops had started growing in the cup that is there to protect the differential. #natureAlwaysWins #ATV #4x4

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