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Bargheer Geophysics produces subsoil surveys using geophysics: Geoelectrics, IP, seismics, Gravimetric Measurements and other types of geophysics. The company is specialized in DC-IP measurements and is at the very forefront of scientific developments in this field.

Extensive experience with groundwater mapping and other groundwater related work, mineral exploration, geotechnics, contamination mapping and more. If you want to know something about the underground, we can probably help you.

We work anywhere in the world, specialized in handling arctic conditions and other inaccessible places far from civilization. Key values include efficiency, competitive prices and always ensuring the highest possible data quality.

Contact us and let us together find out what we can do for you!
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pynt INSTAGRAM: Stony road. I didn't have time to check out the museum stuff nearby in Ertebølle, but while doing CVES for groundwater mapping we crossed this a bit strange, but very nice looking, road with some stones standing in the middle to kind of divide the road into two lanes. I didn't bother to protect the cable from traffic, we only met one person all day because we crossed the edge of his garden with our profile. #geophysics #CVES #ERT #groundwater #stoneage #ertebølle #niceSpringDay #notSoBusyRoad #forestWork pynt INSTAGRAM: Wind turbines on a beautiful windy CVES day in Denmark. I am proud of Denmark and our beautiful wind turbines, a big part of the solution for our the climate problems we as humanity face. #geophysics #wind #CVES #groundwater #windturbines pynt INSTAGRAM: All fields are not equal. It is always a joy to find nice fields to work in when doing a big CVES campaign. #geophysics #CVES #DCIP #ERT #Wintercrops #cleanboots pynt INSTAGRAM: IP conference 2016 in Aarhus. Lunch in the Park for participants. For once we had amazing weather for such an event in Denmark. #ip2016 #aarhusuniversity #Denmark #picnic #summer

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