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Bargheer Geophysics produces subsoil surveys using geophysics: Geoelectrics, IP, seismics, Gravimetric Measurements and other types of geophysics. The company is specialized in DC-IP measurements and is at the very forefront of scientific developments in this field.

Extensive experience with groundwater mapping and other groundwater related work, mineral exploration, geotechnics, contamination mapping and more. If you want to know something about the underground, we can probably help you.

We work anywhere in the world, specialized in handling arctic conditions and other inaccessible places far from civilization. Key values include efficiency, competitive prices and always ensuring the highest possible data quality.

Contact us and let us together find out what we can do for you!
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pynt INSTAGRAM: It is preferred to find the geological troublesome areas before you start building the road. If some trouble shows up during the road construction of course we can help find a solution then as well. #geophysics #gcm #winterdenmark #roadconstruction #atv pynt INSTAGRAM: Finding zones of weakness in a dike and slope on the side of a rainwater basin. CVES is perfect for a job like this, the slope is about 10 meters high to the bottom of the rainwater basin, with 2m electrode spacing we get a very good resolution of the underground to more than 20m depth. We needed to remove a metal fence to get good measurements. #geophysics #CVES #rainwater #geoelectric pynt INSTAGRAM: Just met a nice old guy who has in his days been working with gravel pits for some 60 years. He told me that some of the smart guys (geologist's) said to him that where there is a big hole like the one we just passed through with a CVES line here, then there would also be gravel around. I can't totally understand this logic, but it makes sense that some sorting of sediment had been happening where the ice sheets left a hole like this. #geophysics #gravel #CVES #bog pynt INSTAGRAM: DCIP conference in Aarhus 2016. A big group of "students" looking at data collection that they will later process #DCIP #aarhus #aarhusuniversity #funwithgeophysics #ip2016

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