The history

Bargheer Geophysics was started by Arne Bargheer in 2015 after he had been working 15 years with geophysics within the engineering and consultancy industry in Denmark. Geophysics in Denmark in this period had a huge golden age thanks to a groundwater mapping done by the danish state resulting in much resources being put into mapping the underground in Denmark, making the danish underground one of the best investigated in the world and in turn also generating in a lot of geophysical innovations.

Arne has been involved in a big part of the danish groundwater mapping and is experienced in all the geophysical methods that have been used for this mapping and a broad range of other types of geophysics. Apart from groundwater mapping Arne has among other things been doing projects involving mineral investigations, oil prospecting, contamination mapping and geotechnical investigations.

Bargheer Geophysics has since it started been devoloping new geophysical methods and made improvements of existing technologies.

Skilled outdoors specialists

In 2016 Tarje Bargheer joined Bargheer Geophysics, primarily as a programmer working from Spain. Tarje has been within the academia studying mathematics at a very high level for 15 years. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and has held several post.doc. positions at different universities around the world. Tarje is a highly innnovative programmer using unique approaches and has developed programs that make Bargheer Geoophysics capable of doing work at a quality and speed unrivaled in the industry. A program for automated processing of IP data is among the crown jewels of the programs developed within the domain of Bargheer Geophysics by Tarje.

Both Arne and Tarje are skilled outdoors specialists with a big range of survival skills. Arne has all his career been doing geophysics in remote places like Greenland and Africa and has a reputation of always collecting the best quality data under even the most extreme conditions. Arne has maybe not always been the first person being sent to acquire a geophysical dataset, but he is always last person to leave a project site after the data has been collected. Tarje has for some time been living partially off-grid in the Cantabrian mountains in Spain and is a proficient rock climber.

Highest quality at a competitive price

At present the Bargheer brothers make up the core of the company while there are many other skilled people loosely associated with the company. Geologists, geophysicists and field specialists are working for Bargheer Geophysics on a project to project basis, making it possible for the company to deliver geophysics of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

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