For getting closely sampled information about surface near changes over a big
area the ground conductivity meter is a fast and efficient method.

Ground conducitivity meter

The ground conductivitity meter is an EM method where coils transmit an electromagnetic field and the response of the ground is measured, it is also known as a slingram method. Bargheer Geophysics are cabable of delivering several different GCM methods.

A much used method in Denmark is pulling the GCM instrument from with an ATV where we are able to collect much data in a short time. Using this method on good field conditions it is possible to collect in access of 50km of data in a field day, making it a very cost effictive tool for mapping the electric variations in the top 5-8 meters of the subsoil.

Applications for this method include

  • Archelogical mapping
  • Geotechnical investigations, a great supplement to the traditional drillings
  • Mapping of the size of old landfills
  • Finding best sites for rainwater drainage
  • Drainage piping planning for agriculture
  • and many other uses


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