IP processing

Speeding up DCIP processing

Automatic processing

Geophysical data will always contain noise. While many precautions can be taken in the field to limit the noise and errors, data still needs to be assessed by an expert to inspect and clean the data before a proper image of the underground can be made.

Combining advanced mathematical methods and data science with cutting edge scientific progress within geophysics, our in-house software is capable of automating major parts of the manual data processing for geoelectric DCIP data.

In short, our software allows to get better results faster, well beyond the previous norm of geoelectric surveys

Further practical uses of DCIP

Besides saving time and improving results, our software opens up for further practical uses of DCIP measurements:

– Day to day processing of DCIP data: Once data has been collected in the field, our software can be run and inversions on processed data can be carried out very fast. This allows for a dynamic data collection setup, placing each survey line in the optimal position from all available information, including the data collected previously. – Temporal measurements: Traditionally processing IP data has been costly in terms of human labor time. Using our software, it is now practical to collect a lot of data and still keep the processing cost reasonable. Examples of use of temporal measurements is mapping the changes in a contamination fan over time and monitoring salt water intrusion under the fresh water table in a coastal zone.

We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the development of geophysical methods while always putting the highest priority on the quality of our work and the needs of our clients.

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